The Mindless Rantings of Alan Mars

7/16/2016 1:00PM: Well it's been a while since I've checked in. Work has gotten in the way of my personal life. I miss going out and just taking pictures of whatever I see that interests me at the moment. I'm trying to work on that to make it a more time for me thing rather than spending 60 - 70 hours per week at work. We'll see what the future holds.

2/1/2016 12:00AM: Well, it's a new year and I am going to dedicate this web site to all of the other things I do since I already have a photography site I need another site for my computer work and whatnot. So this website will slowly transition over to that. I'll probably keep the Blog just to keep tabs on what I've done and when I did it. 

11/15/2015 6:00PM: So, I found an old photograph (tintype) which was in pretty bad shape and did some work on it with Photoshop after scanning it. It could use a little more work but you can definitely see a difference between the original and the one I just fixed. A sample is in the PhotoBlog section.

11/14/2015 9:00PM: I'm thinking about doing some photo restoration. ...not sure if I really have the time for that or not though. We'll see.

9/24/2015 10:00PM: Fixed the image. Now on to bigger and brighter things. :)

9/22/2015 8:00PM: So, I'm looking at the default photo and since it's not one of mine, I'll be changing it. It's cute but it's not my cup of tea at the moment...

9/22/2015 7:45PM: OK, So I am taking the same approach right now in regards to the articles on this website. I will also be posting some photos just as soon as I find a good photo display for this page. I have one on my professional website but it's more advanced than I want it to be here. This should be simpler for me to handle and at the same time easy to interact with for the user (you). So, I'll be tweaking this page a bit now that I have my other website built to where I want it to be.

Let the FUN begin!!!

9/22/2015 7:30PM: Hello and welcome to my blog!!! I'll be posting little tidbits here and there as well as some photos I probably wouldn't show off anywhere else but they will be clean. 

So, Let the madness begin!